The Waites Legacy – 1.0

Hello and welcome to the Waites Legacy. I’m a long-time sims player (started with sims 1 ‘back in the day’), however never got the Sims 4 until this year’s black friday sale… so, I thought I’d treat myself and give it a go. The Waites Legacy is my exploration of the game (and I’m hoping to get a few expansions at some point!) 

Please excuse graphics quality as I’m playing on a rather old macbook air. Not ideal, but it will do for now!

This is our founder, Lucas Waites. Lucas’ name was completely randomised until I found one I liked – which will be a common theme for all children in this legacy. I aim to get a random number generator to select a number between 1 – 50 in order to roll the names of offspring. Anywho, Lucas here has decided to start his family life in the boonies. Maybe it’s the heat of the arid desert, or maybe the idea that life in the sticks would be somewhat quiet… but this is a legacy so no such luck there! Lucas will be the only sim who’s traits aren’t randomised (hey, I have to give myself an easy start) – and so I have selected Loves Outdoors, Family Oriented, Bookworm and Domestic. Even though I don’t have the EP that has the 64 x 64 lots, I have gone for an extreme start by cheating my way down to 8,000 simoleons and so will also be buying the knight once we can afford it! 
Gender law – Equality (both boys and girls can inherit)
Bloodline law – Strict Traditional (heirs must be related to the founder by blood)
Heir law – Random (rolled from the pool of offspring)

Because we have to buy that knight ASAP, Lucas gets to work digging for what I hope are rare crystals in there! Although I don’t think we’ll find much in the scorching earth of the desert. However, would it be a legacy without some extreme poverty to begin with? I think not!

We get the knight, and in order to make this place feel more like a home (if you use the term loosely), I make this nice little arrangement of mailbox and knight.

Time to find some ladies! Lucas went to the park which was actually a complete oestrogen party, however entirely inapplicable as all the ladies were teens or under. Finally, this lady came on to the lot. There’s a reason I don’t remember her name…

Oh yes, because she completely shot Lucas down. From this, we found out she has the mean trait. In the first picture they were talking about wardrobes, in the second, Lucas was discussing shirts. Maybe it was something he said? Maybe she just doesn’t like sleeves? Anyway, not wasting any more time here, we move on.

Surely the rattlesnake bar would be a great place to find one’s future soul mate. Lucas chatted to this lady for all of 5 seconds until she said goodbye and left. Oh man, not an awful lot of luck so far.. but it’s only day one and it’s not as if Lucas is going anywhere (the home lot has no furnishings and so he will have to make do for the bench outside for now).

So cosy. Lucas took a job in the artist career track as it looks to pay one of the best opening salaries and we kind of complete 2 objectives at once – Lucas gets a job to earn money, but can also improve his painting skill therefore being able to do family portraits. Napping on the bench outside the bar hasn’t exactly made him feel in fine form for going to work, but what else can you do… times are tough!

After a shower at the gym, a quick breakfast of BBQ burgers (nutritious!) is called for. Ah, the early days of a legacy where the sims seem to have no shame and don’t mind how much they expose themselves in public. Good to see that little has changed in this respect since TS2!

Lucas met this lovely lady, Lexie Mitchell at the bar (yes, we now have enough money for a bed) and they instantly clicked. She is also a bookworm. Her other traits are: Art lover, snob and career minded. But with a mutual fondness for the written word, Lexie and Lucas hit it off straight away.

Lucas decides it would be a good idea to woo Lexie by showing off his (non-existent) muscles. To be honest, I think if she wasn’t put off by the fact that Lucas owns nothing but a bed, she’s a keeper!

And our founding couple.

First kiss and Lexie decides to move in (goodness what is she thinking).

Now feeling flirty, Lexie does a little strut to the bed. Lucas follows behind her desperate to pee. Mmm, alluring.

Lexie joined the athletic career track despite having no previous fitness experience. This ties in nicely with her aspiration and is a way of bringing money in to the house I suppose, so we’ll stick with it. The couple go to the gym so Lexie can gain some fitness skill. Lucas just decides to use the bathroom and cook a wholesome meal of hot dogs.

Upon getting back to the lot, Lexie announces her pregnancy. Lucas is family oriented and so is excited, despite still living on the lawn. (please no multiples!!)

Desperately needing money, the couple take to outdoor pursuits such as fishing and digging trying to get some quick cash. Lucas caught nothing from his efforts, typical!

Lexie however, decides that chiseling away at rock is a completely safe pass time in pregnancy and so sets out looking for a gem that will make the family rich (no such luck there either, just a few pieces of mysims memorabilia) 

Lexie is giving Justine the death stare, but in reality they’re best friends. I’m not quite sure whether Justine already knew that Lexie lives on a field, but either way she seems unfazed. Let’s just let nobody use the bathroom.

I didn’t realise times had got quite this bad. Lexie is trying to befriend Cleo here whilst feeling nauseous, uncomfortable, hungry and about to wet herself. I really think its important to befriend other sims for spouse purposes or family advancement, but Lucas really isn’t painting an excellent picture of his family’s economic status by rummaging in the bin. 
“Don’t mind me ladies, just need some new undies!”
Oh the class.

Seriously peed off, and can you blame her?! Pregnancy has been really dragging Lexie down. As soon as her needs are somewhat filled, they’re back in the red just moments later. She’s constantly hungry, aching, bored, stinky and cranky. In fact, thank goodness I play with the volume low as I eventually got rather sick of the whining.

Anyway, I enjoyed Lexie’s pregnancy probably as much as she did (hence there are no more pictures of it). She finally gave birth to a little girl, who’s name was rolled as ‘Helen’. I love it. As you can see, Lucas is so bored by the whole ordeal he’s currently playing games on his phone. We’re totally off to a great start.

And now she’s not pregnant, Lexie can punish her body in other ways like the punching bag. I need her to move up the athletic career track and fast in order to get more money in. That being said, for a family that can’t even afford rooms, we can somehow afford £1k of children’s stuff in order to get Lucas through the first stage of his aspiration. I know, I seem to have no concept of priorities!

I’m going to leave you all here for now. It’s been a fun little introduction. And hey, if you like what you’ve read, I’ve played ahead in-game and it gets worse so do come back to read about my head exploding with stress! 

Until next time, peace out!


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