The Waites Legacy – 1.1

Welcome back to the Waites legacy, where our cover photo is a dirty dish left on the shelf that Lexie brought home from the athletic career track. This image pretty much sums up this legacy.

A little recap. Last time we saw our founder, Lucas Waites, marry Lexie and the pair began climbing the artist and athletic career tracks respectively. Lucas and Lexie had their first child, a daughter called Helen and continued lawn living. Lets see where this chapter takes us!

Helen grew up in to a really gorgeous toddler. She rolled the wild trait and I think I’m already starting to see it in her eyes…

Lexie was already preparing for the next baby whilst taking care of Helen. Helen is actually quite an easy-going toddler, her needs don’t plummet down like some other sims and she enjoys playing her games. Maybe I’m biased but I also think she’s absolutely beautiful.

And super cute being read to sleep! Lucas is a family-oriented sim so I try and have him get the happy moodlet for having completed interactions with Helen in an attempt to make progress in his career. No such luck though as Lucas progresses like an elephant wading through toffee and despite being in an excellent mood, tasks and skills met… it often takes several days to get that promotion. (Plus I’m rubbish at chance cards, I know, I know!)

More cute spam of Helen because I just love her little curly hair.

Helen’s wild trait means that she’s also a bit prone to stripping and running nude around the lawn. Privacy never did mean much to these sims who currently only have a bathroom to hide themselves in. It must be said, Helen is a pretty happy-go-lucky sim!

Lucas on the other hand, is not. He comes home every day absolutely bummed out from work. Exhausted, fun bar in the red, hungry, tense moodlet. Here is another one of those days.

I’m not sure what point I was trying to make with this photo because I took it ages ago. However, just take a look at that close up miserable face, that’s one unhappy guy, people!

Lexie on the other hand, unable to work out due to her quickly progressing pregnancy, takes the opportunity to teach Helen some animal flashcards. Helen looks a little annoyed by her mother’s pandering to me. Maybe everyone in this family is just annoyed at living on nothing but the earth apart from (now) 2 rooms?

This is how the next few days play out. Lucas painting like he’s never painted before to try and get us money (and a promotion!!!!!!!). And Lexie, well, poor Lexie… her needs are falling quicker than she can raise them right now. But still, not long to go before baby Waites number 2 gets an appearance.

Speaking of which. Lexie labours silently and I send her for a nap to ease the discomfort. Lucas stays in bed, no panic or anything. Well, he has work in the morning…

Oh great. (Sense the sarcasm there). Our first multiples of this legacy so happen to be in Generation 2 where we’re too poor and stressed out to actually care for them properly. Still, I suppose I should introduce these wonderful little gifts. First born is in the crib on the right, a little boy called Phillip. Our second born is on the left, a girl who rolled the name Yaretzi. For several days I called her nothing but ‘Y’ as I just couldn’t remember her name. Thankfully, I’m now a bit ahead in game to have remembered who she actually is (whoops! Poor kid). I really dislike multiples. They’re such a handful and when you have parents trying to also do other things, right at the start of a legacy, they’re such a stress. However, no more pregnancies are required and I can now roll for heir at some point.

Helen, however, is most unimpressed at no longer being the recipient of her parents’ undivided attention. She complains about her siblings at either parent she can get access to.

I mean, come on. Would you want to argue with that little face?!

In between all the nappies and feeding (so many dirty nappies!) Lucas still finds time to play dollies with his eldest, the pair have a fantastic relationship.

So, many, night, feeds. Still, it’s now time for the twins to age up. Lets see what we have shall we.

Little Yaretzi rolled the angelic trait (although you wouldn’t have guessed it from here).

And little Phillip rolled silly. He is one gorgeous toddler if I do say so myself, very sharp facial features from what I’ve seen so far. At about this point I rolled for heir. And our winner was….

Yaretzi! The (technically) youngest of the bunch has been chosen to take this dysfunctional family forward. Here’s hoping she rolls some decent traits.

Phillip is a rather sensitive soul considering he is silly. He’s often quite quiet and always rolling whims for his parents. However, my hatred for multiples continues from sims 2 to sims 4. They are still just as needy and exhausting for both sim parents and myself. Every minute they want something. Once they were potty trained I just pretty much left them to it and pulled food out of the fridge for them to come and eat when they got hungry.

Yes, so much exhaustion. With three toddlers in the house, life pretty much ticks over in a blur of getting needs met and not really focussing too much on other aspects of life. If we were previously slow on promotions, we certainly are now!

However the girls make such lovely siblings and the toddler squishy hug is the cutest. They almost (almost!!!) make up for how much they’ve aged me!!

And without any photos (sorry Helen but you’re a spare and everyone is already tired enough), Helen ages up. Trust me, as someone who has a toddler in real life, I’m not sure how these sim parents are coping right now. I exist in a state of coffee-fuelled stupor.

Helen is a sweetheart though and gets to work on the activity table. She rolled rambunctious scamp and ‘gloomy’ as her trait. Fabulous.

And recreating pictures with heiress, Yaretzi. There is a story to the crushed dolls house in the background, Lucas repairs it, but sit tight.

In the mean time, Lexie decides to chuck our heiress around a bit whilst the rest of the family looks on nonplussed.

Yes, that’s right, Justine (Lexie’s best friend) kicks the dolls house in, infront of Helen, who gets a negative moodlet for it and starts crying. Way to go Justine, this mean body builder takes no prisoners.

“Life is tough kid, you’re in a legacy and you’re a spare, get over it!” ouch.

Since aging up, I don’t think there’s been a night that Helen hasn’t seen the monster under the bed. I’m not sure if she’s more likely to see it as she’s gloomy? Maybe someone could confirm or deny? Either way I find it the biggest pain ever. The family are all sleeping in some of the cheapest beds available to they gain energy at a snail’s pace, they never wake up with energy bars full. And then Helen comes along and wakes her parents up asking them to spray the monster every single night. And with two toddlers in the house. They must be exhausted, but I digress.

Some nights she talks to it, other nights she can’t strike up a conversation. Either way, sweet if it happens rarely, annoying when it’s every night!

Helen’s had it quite tough in this legacy so far and I feel sorry for her. I send her to the park to work on rambunctious scamp and to meet some other kids. Lucas hasn’t been able to make any more progress on his aspiration at the moment as we’re waiting on one of his children to get married. As Helen is the eldest, I figure she’ll be shipped off as soon as she reaches YA, can marry and start getting Lucas some grandbabies. The plan was/is to make friends with a boy, grow them up together so that their relationship is already fantastic by the time they’re adults and then they can get straight to marriage. (Hey, I’m not one to hang about obviously).

Helen is trying her best with the Waites charm but it just doesn’t cut it for Erik here who is death-staring our rather cheerful spare!
“Sorry, but legacies just fill me with *sigh* ennui”
How do you think I feel kid.

Back at the lot Yaretzi is just getting on with toddler-hood. Reading herself books and generally being pretty self-sufficient leaving her parents time to skill or work on aspirations. Poor little mite, I’m making it look like I’m so neglectful to my sim kids. I’m really not!!!

“Oh Justine, Of course we’re best friends! No I don’t care that you knocked down my kids’ dolls house, you were just being you and I get that! Come here and have a hug”
“I’m right here, mum”
Once again, nobody cares.

Justine has become somewhat of a legacy stalker, if she’s not calling or texting she’s banging on the door. Travis Scott is the same, but at least he has the common sense to empty our bins for us and clear the dishes (now he can come again!) Here he is watching Lucas bake his own birthday cake.

Shame he didn’t stick around for the celebration. Yes, that’s right, it’s a treble birthday. Lucas and the twins on the same night! Lucas grew up on his own, no one seemed that fussed to watch our founder get a few wrinkles.

However, a few wrinkles wasn’t all that Lucas got.
“Dad you’re pregnant?!”
Yes, Lucas got somewhat chubby. We can already see a grown-up Philip, but lets have a look at the twins together shall we.

Our beautiful heiress, Yaretzi.
Yaretzi rolled artistic prodigy for her aspiration, and as if that wasn’t enough, rolled the music lover trait to accompany it. Nice, I approve of this for our heiress.

And our striking spare, Philip. Philip obtained the happy toddler trait, rolled social butterfly for his aspiration and ‘geek’ as his trait. Straightforward enough and a positive trait, again, I approve. I can see Philip having lots of friends and being popular in crowds of fellow gamers etc. Fine by me.. I have plans for him anyway (hee hee hee).

Meanwhile, it’s now 2am. Lucas hasn’t yet gone to bed as he’s been painting to try and get us some more money, but sightings of the monster under the bed persist. Now that all three kids share a room, things are made seemingly worse as if one sees it and wakes up, they all wake up. Leading to 1-2 hours of sim confusion. And of course, the negative moodlet doesn’t actually go unless they see the adult spray the monster. Gaaaaaaaah!!!

Trying to resemble wholesome family life, Philip and Helen pap a selfie. Side by side you can really see the genetic resemblance of this pair, blond hair and brown eyes. Yaretzi is the completely different one of the three with dark hair and green eyes.

Continuing the resemblance of normal family life, Lexie finally gets promoted and we have to choose her branch of the athletic career. Needless to say I didn’t choose bodybuilder, I have seen enough players lose their minds completing the daily task of training other sims and I just don’t need that stress right now in gen 2 of a legacy. So, she is promoted to minor leaguer.

Ah, see, not a normal family after all. Toilet accumulating flies and puddles of i-don’t-know on the floor. I sent Philip to have a shower and he decided to strip there and then and walk to the bathroom in the nude.

Nice little (rare) shot of the family around the breakfast table. Lucas is absolutely buzzing at the moment that he is socialising with his entire family, cute.

It’s Saturday, and in an attempt to work on aspirations, fish and also get other collectibles, Lexie drags the kids along to the park. I say ‘drag’ as she doesn’t look best pleased about this. I can only assume she wanted a quiet ‘me-time’ Saturday to escape from the crap shack that is the legacy house. Sadly not Lexie, cheer up and go get some fish please.

Her face shoots me death stares and I can almost imagine her as a sort of “ok kids, go play” kind of mother.

Meanwhile, Lucas gets promoted! And we’re able to choose his branch of painting. We go for patron of the arts branch. At this point, grabbing a celebratory snap, I realise that Lucas really is rather round. Mental note to do something about that!

Ah, door bashing Travis. I finally have a use for you. As Philip is working on Social Butterfly, he needs a few adult friends and who better than our legacy stalkers, Justine and Travis. He is able to make quick friends with both of them as he already has friendship points with them both. Hey, they were around probably equal to or more so than the kids’ parents.

Yaretzi is also working on artistic prodigy when I noticed when she aged I entirely forgot to give her shoes?! Poor kid. Let’s sort that out. How embarrassing.

“Hey Erik? Yeah hi, listen, shut up a minute…”
Ah the befriending continues.

I love this picture. Philip is pissed about something (bad school day? I don’t remember), whereas Helen is cheery for once. Kids. All over the shop.

Philip finally befriends this kid and completes Social Butterfly (hey, I don’t remember his name, there are so many townie kids about and I barely remember my own sims’ names).

It’s also Helen’s birthday, so Lucas (who is rather the creative) makes a nice confetti cake.

Seriously, if it’s cooking or painting, Lucas does it. If it requires handiness then Lexie does it.. It’s just how I play.

“Hey dad! look at me!”
Helen ages in to a rather unique teenager. And she rolls… oh God, no….

She rolled hates children. Oh man. There goes my plan of getting her to have several kids in a way to keep Lucas happy. I can’t force kids on a spare that will end up hating them. As her aspiration, Helen got ‘Bestselling Author’ – which I’m happy with, and she also picked up the muser trait. She’s a real mixed bag this girl.

So immediately, Helen is not like how she was before and Philip is stunned. She gets angry just being around her siblings so decides to yell at them at every occasion. Lucas and Lexie feel powerless apart from to look on at the ensuing chaos. Still, only 6 more days until the twins can grow up, hopefully they won’t be enemies by then.

I think I’ve had enough chaos for now so join us next time for 1.2 where we should have birthdays, promotions, (maybe babies?!) and hopefully no more curve balls thrown my way. But you can never predict these things!

Until next time, keep simming!


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